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Increase the supply of any commodity or product, and its price usually goes down. With FarmTrade.com, you are no longer required to source all your needs from local suppliers. Excess inventory, supply dislocations and suppliers needing cash all present buyers with an opportunity to save up to 30% or more on chemical purchases. If buyers group together, they can enjoy greater savings on freight. And, by using "Name Your Price" feature, buyers can name their price and have sellers bid for their business.


Idle inventory not only costs money, but it ties up cash that could be better used elsewhere in your business. FarmTrade.com provides sellers an efficient, secure and cost effective way to reduce inventory, free up cash and improve profits with just a few clicks on your mouse. FarmTrade.com makes many more potential customers available to you, providing your company market access to all 48 states. With the entire United States market available, you can create pricing, sourcing and liquidation strategies that can make your business more competitive.

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