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  1. Product Listing.

    Go to the Buyers page and then select the List a Reverse Auction feature. Select the specific brand name product you wish to list from the drop-down list titled "Brand name".

  2. Generic substitutes.

    If you are willing to accept identical chemicals from other manufacturers, then indicate "yes". This will provide a greater chance of someone meeting your request, but you may not get the brand you prefer. Only products with the same chemical name as your product request will be accepted.

  3. Pack size request.

    You must indicate which pack size(s) you will accept. The more options you list, the greater the chance of getting an offer. To select more than one pack size, click on each desired pack size while holding CTRL key.

  4. Shipping address.

    The shipping address for the product must be entered here to determine the freight cost. This also will let the seller know what state he is selling into so he can ensure proper licensing. The seller also will be made aware of your current license status (private applicator, commercial applicator and/or reseller) as listed in your member profile. As a purchaser of pesticides, you are responsible for meeting certain regulatory requirements. If you are unsure of your responsibilities, you can contact the state pesticide control officer for your state. The names and telephone numbers of these state agencies can be found on the AAPCO Web site.

  5. Quantity desired/offered.

    The quantity desired must be listed in units (pounds, gallons, ounces, etc.) Note that sellers are allowed to sell partial lots to you in full pallet quantities. In that case, if a seller meets your requirements for a part of the volume you request that volume will be deducted from the offering and the remaining volume will remain listed until the product request expires.

  6. Maximum delivered price/unit.

    You must indicate a maximum delivered price per unit (pound, gallon, ounce, etc.). If the seller's offered price plus freight is greater than your desired maximum total delivered cost, the seller's bid will not be accepted. You may want to consider this in your pricing strategy. The higher the price per unit you'll accept, the greater the distance from which you can expect to attract sellers.

  7. Product age.

    Indicate the maximum age of product you are willing to accept, rounded to the nearest six months.

  8. Listing date removal.

    Enter the date that you'd like to have your request removed from the listings even if the order has not been filled. The maximum is one week from the day after you list.

  9. Product offering information.

    After you press the "Submit" button, a screen listing your input will ask you to confirm your product listing information. Carefully check all information on this page before submitting your product listing. Make sure that the EPA registration number on your requested product label exactly matches the one you have selected on the product listing confirmation page. If all of the information is correct, press "Submit". If you would like to make any corrections, press your browser's "back" button.

  10. Agreement to follow regulatory requirements and FarmTrade.com User Agreement.

    Carefully read and understand your responsibilities and agreement to follow all regulations associated with the sale and use of pesticides. These regulations vary from state to state and can be obtained by contacting the state pesticide control officer in your state. If you have any questions about your legal responsibilities, you can contact the appropriate state authorities listed on the AAPCO Web site .You also will be asked to confirm the condition of the product and its packaging. Finally, you must agree to the terms of FarmTrade.com's User Agreement to participate on the site.

  11. Banking and license information.

    You will be asked to confirm your banking information. Once your product purchase criteria are met, an ACH transfer is executed to begin the transaction. The information required to make an ACH funds transfer is important as the transaction cannot begin until funds are received in the secure lock box at First Union National Bank. It is critical that the correct funds be available in the account listed. Once a bid is accepted, the ACH transaction is executed the following day. If funds are not sufficient, the transaction is rejected effectively nullifying the bid contract. If this occurs, your membership will be subject to suspension, and you may be fined a $250 service fee. This information can be updated in the ACH Banking Information section of your member profile. Additionally, your license number(s) and expiration date(s) will be displayed for your confirmation. If this information is incorrect or has changed, you must update it on the registration profile page.

  12. Product offer submission.

    You will be given an opportunity to confirm or cancel your listing before submitting it. If you accept the information, you are asked to type the first three letters of your last name, then "Submit". Remember, once your offer is submitted, you are legally obligated to complete the purchase of this item if a seller meets your requirements. An offer at auction is a binding contract. Failure to honor your obligation may result in your disqualification from the site and/or a $250 service fee.

  13. Confirmation of bid acceptance.

    Confirm that Farmtrade.com has accepted your product listing by visiting your Activity Summary page.

  14. Notification of winning bid.

    When a seller meets your criteria, you will be notified by E-mail of the following:
  • The restricted use status of the product in your state.
  • The product name and pack size, EPA registration number, quantity and price.

* (rup) – Restricted Use Pesticide

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