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  1. Product search.

    Click on the 'Buy' tab and check out the featured "Top Ten" deals or search all the current listings to see if any sellers are offering products which meet your requirements.

  2. Auction detail page.

    Click on a product and review the auction detail about that product. You can find all the information necessary to make a bid on the auction detail page. You can link directly to the "Greenbook" Web site to obtain specific label information, DOT, MSDS or worker safety information. Check the EPA registration number to ensure that the product for which you intend on bidding is appropriate for your area and the intended use. On the auction detail page you can see the top bidders to date, the available item quantity and the minimum bid required. Review this information carefully as you decide if you want to place a bid.

  3. Number of pallets.

    Enter the number of pallets you wish to bid on. If partial lots are accepted, you can enter any full pallet quantity equal to or less than the total quantity offered. Otherwise, you must bid for the entire quantity.

  4. Bid price.

    Enter your bid price per unit (pound, gallon, ounce, etc.). You can place a bid below the seller's asking price, although he is not obligated to sell any product that doesn't meet that price. If the seller chooses to lower his price to meet your bid, then both parties are committed to complete the transaction.

  5. Shipping location.

    Enter the shipping location for the product. The actual freight will be calculated based on the zip code provided for your shipping location.

  6. XSpert Freight Analyst.

    Hit the Freight Analysis button to see how much freight will cost for a given number of pallets. You may wish to change the minimum number of pallets you are willing to accept based on the difference in shipping costs as volumes change.

  7. XSpert Bidder information (optional).

    For more effective auctioning, you may use XSpert Bidder to bid for you (recommended). All you need to do is enter your maximum price and what bid increment you'd like XSpert Bidder to use. Once the bidding starts, it can become fast and furious, and if you're not online, you can miss opportunities. With XSpert Bidder, you are always represented, even when you're not there!

  8. Payment option information. 

    Select which account you would like to use for this transaction. Your payment option information is important since the transaction cannot begin until funds are secured from your account. It is critical that the correct funds be available in the account listed. After the auctions closes, the financial transaction is executed the following day for all winning bidders. If funds are not available in your account, the transaction is rejected effectively nullifying the bid contract. If this occurs, your membership will be subject to suspension, and you may be fined a $250 service fee. This information can be updated in the Payment Options section of Your Profile.

  9. Confirmation of product bidding information.

    A screen listing your input will ask you to confirm your product bidding information. You also will see the freight charges associated with the quantity on which you are bidding. These charges have been calculated based upon the origin of the product. Carefully check the net delivered cost per unit that you will be paying. Based upon the product's shipping point, your delivered price may not be attractive to you.

  10. Regulatory requirements and Farmtrade.com User Agreement.

    Read and confirm your understanding and agreement to follow regulatory requirements and the FarmTrade.com user agreement. Carefully check the product's EPA registration number, your license status and expiration date(s), which will be displayed. (You can add/change this information in Your Profile.) Make sure that the EPA registration number on the product you are bidding on exactly matches the one listed on the product listing confirmation page as well as any state restrictions. (Note: Sometimes the EPA number is the same for two products but state restrictions prohibit the use of one product.) Carefully check all information on this page before submitting your bid.

  11. Product offer.

    Once you have confirmed all information, you can submit, change or cancel your bid. Remember, once your offer is submitted, you are legally obligated to complete the purchase of this item if you are a winning bidder. An offer at auction is a binding contract. Failure to honor your obligation may result in your disqualification from the site and/or a $250 service fee.

  12. Confirmation of bid acceptance.

    Confirm that Farmtrade.com has accepted your product bid by visiting your Activity Summary  page. You also can see your bid highlighted in the bidding activity section on the Auction Detail page. Remember, you have purchased this item if your bid is the winner. A winning bid is a binding contract. Failure to honor your product listing will result in your disqualification from the site and/or a $250 service fee.

    That's all there is to it!

* (rup) – Restricted Use Pesticide

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